Cupcakes and Me

Welcome one and all to my Internet den of delights! πŸ™‚ Like the loudspeaker warns on the most rickety and exhilirating of those old wooden rollercoasters, fasten your seat belts folks, you are in for a breathtaking ride. I am overflowing with girlish enthusiasm (as I am prone to do) to share my wacky world with you and my fiendish love for politics, design, architecture, pop culture, Frappucinos and all things retro. I devour them all with the same unbridled enthusiasm as my favorite dessert, cupcakes with buttercream frosting. Mmm….

In case you were wondering, the picture you see on the home page is me…up close and personal and in the virtual flesh. Although normally I neither look nor act that angelic. 😈 The Little Red Headed Girl is indeed little (5 Feet 1 inch to be exact) with pint sized energy to burn and a long mane of hair that does my lioness astrological heritage proud. Oh, and unlike Pamela Anderson, the carpet does match the drapes. :mrgreen:

You are welcome to write me, to adore me but never to slobber or obsess. Be forewarned, if you like to cut out little pics of redheads and make them into a wall collage above your desk, feel free to exit my site immediately and go to one more deserving of your wants and needs, the fan pages of busty, lusty Ms. Lindsay Lohan:smile:

My mother always told me never to reveal too much of myself in a first meeting and to assume an air of mystery and leave them wanting for more. And so I shall. Tootles for now!

That Little Red Headed Girl:razz:


  1. August 9th, 2004 | 10:27 am

    Welcom to the web you sexy blogger you!! What’s a diva of hip without a blog? I wouldn’t know because you are the only diva of hip I know and you ARE ‘Bloggin This.” I can’t wait to read more. :*

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