Like Gno-One Else

Today I sit mob-blogging live from the Gnomedex 4.0 confab in beauteous Reno, Nevada. There are very few times in life when you walk into a room and find true compatriots. This is even more the case when you are a wacky girl who reads the Economist, Ruski-history and 400-page tomes of German science and Planckian theory for kicks. Let’s just say other than being attached to a few euchre-playing clicks in my younger years, I spent my youth on the outside of hip looking in.

Not so at Gnomedex where people warm their collective hands in the fire of RSS Feeds, podcasting and the future of on-line chat. Like Jerry MacGuire who won his girl over at Hello, Gnomies won me over with the gifting of a free Google glo cup upon entry to the conference cocktail par-tay. These Mos are mellow-yellow sharing friendly, whip-smart and so full of tech-verve they can fix your corrupted internal drive in the flick of wrist. The environ is literally bubbling over with futurist learnings. Where else can you meet the inventor of the floppy disk and see a man gyrate to disco as women write on his chest all in the same 24/7?

I confess to not knowing flickr from feeddemon but here is what I have learned thus far from my new crowd.

  • The techie is a breed unto himself. Flaunting the road rules of fashion and the generally accepted laws of digestion, he is likey to be spotted in cargo shorts and flip-flops, bravely ordering a QUAD cappucino at the ‘Bucks
  • Multi-media blogging where you can hear about, see and hear your aunt’s new dog bark and play is the wave of the future
  • Tech strategies working in on-line porn sites portends a successful trend
  • Geeks may go wild but they don’t do the Hussle:cry:
  • Conferences are mucho fun with ubiqitous wi-fi access, round tables and a group on-line chat
  • Hackers don more leather than can be found in the Coach factory..gasp!!!
  • As I depart excitedly to compete for free gifts including the much coveted baby doll tee and sound cards I fail to comprehend how to use, I leave you with my two favorite conference quotes.

    “There are always aspirational products (and technologies) for people who are assholes.”
    “Geeks used to be a four letter word. Now it’s a six figure income.”:pigtails:

    In swag and slots I trust,

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