A Stark Contrast: Decision 2004

I may have lived in the swamp through two Marion Barry mayorships AND his post-crackhead Council seat victory but as you, my faithful readers know, I’m a Buckeye girl through and through. My crimson and gray colors do not fade. And I will never lose my ability to make a kick-ass hamloaf!

We Ohioans are taught from our very first bites of cheesy potato casserole that our state is special and as citizens we are a chosen lot. Not ones to dwell on our cornfield obscurity, facts, figures, mottos and the state bird are engrained in our collective memories through years of mandated state history classes. Who needs to know about the Vietnam War when you can memorize all of the native tribes settled in Tuscarawas County? And why take a field trip to the zoo (yawn, yawn) when you can trek on over to the Harding and McKinley cyrpts?:cheer:

Ohio has grand political traditions dating back way before the creation of Howard Taft’s 3X bathtub. Electing more Presidents than any other principality and having a notable record in the Supreme court, it is no surpise that we are at the center of the Deja Vote storm. And may I add… proud of it! Our people are simple, sturdy, smart and strong and those years of early cold mornings spent in the driver’s seat of the farm tractors or combines were good training for standing on line in the pouring rain waiting to cast a ballot for Decision 2004.

The pundits are apt to say “So goes Ohio, so goes the Presidency.” Today we of Stark and Summit and Mahoning County and all others lit up on the maps of CNN and the icerink of NBC are living that reality. God bless the Buckeyes, Timken Steel AND America!


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