Guardee Loo and Number Two

Always one for hip lingo on the cusp of becoming, I’ve kept a very close ear to the ground for the catchphrases of the 21st century Scotsman. After all, lexicon has to be tres evolved and of-the-moment in a land where men don camo kilts with detachable pockets in lieu of pants. Turns out though, much of the language here is as aged as the blackened stone castles and tenements that surround me. I reckon Valley girlese should hit Prince Street in about…2050.

For reader amusement and edification, I share a few of my favorite Tartanic turns of phrase including “jobbie” (a nice word for poo), “guardee loo” (an 18th century warning sounded just as rubbish and human waste disposal are about to fall on one’s head from the windowseal above) and “Cheers!”, not just a pub at which everybody knows your name but also the salutation chirped whenever you enter or leave a shop. Traveler’s hint: Pubkeeper gaiety and a hearty Cheers! are ensured with the purchase of at least one hard cider pint…aye…or so I’ve heard.

In the Name of Lonlitgow and Berwick Upon Tweed, :doggy:

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