Let It Snow!

Comic Chris Rock often exorts that cough-stopper Robitussin is the elixir for all that ails us as humans. I happen to think the same of snow. Having just trudged in from the artic circle that is my neighborhood, I could not be happier. Eight inches really is all a girl needs! Perhaps it’s my childhood spent within a snowballs shot of Canada, but there is nothing more therapeutic than a white polarfleece blanket of a storm. I’m like the would-be child of Johnny Moseley and Peekaboo Street as I step out into our winter wonderland, full of giddy get-go energy and race ready to hit the slopes (or snowboard 3 miles home as the case may be). :doggy:

A snowy street with the trees a twinklin’ — like farm country in corn harvest season — represents the world touched by the divine hand of heaven, a perfect landscape as God intended. Alone, out on the streets doing my best imitation of a downhill moguler, my spirit heals and a broad smile breaks across my face. Now if I could only get the imbedded ice crystals out of my Wal-Mart faux fur hoodie.

Seeking a snowman building partner (If you’ve got the carrot, I’ve got the time)
TLRG :redhead:

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