It’s a Wonder: The Search for A New Superheroine

What girl of a certain age (those who remember torn leggings and the Cure the first time ’round), hasn’t wanted to suit up in her Wonder Woman costume and lasso that louse who’s destroying civilization? Come on, just admit it, you’ve got a pic of yourself age 8 in a WW Halloween mask, don’t ya?. :pigtails:

Well here’s a chance to live out your fantasy on the big screen in the land of Entourage. I got word last week of a grassroots fan site taking requests for those who think themselves worthy to walk the Lynda Carter mile. (fabulous toned ass, coned patriotic corset and bronze wrist cuffs required)

If you’ve ever fancied yourself flying through the air with the greatest of ease go to: If you don’t get the lead, you can always plead for the role of Cheetah or Mr. Psycho. 😈


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