Tune In, Turn On

Video may have killed the radio star, but podcasting will rip their corpses up from the graveyard and back onto the airways. Radio has always been a part of my life. Both of my parents participated in AM/FM talkies, my pops as an announcer and my mum as a programmer for the venerable WHBC in ol’ Canton, Ohio. Rumor has it, my birth was announced during dad’s 11 o’clock news segment. And, a good portion of my childhood week-ends were spent wandering the dimly lit hallways and recording booths of ‘HBC, getting to know the local B-List talent and developing a little more than a girly crush on one Paul Harvey…sigh…

So imagine the pure melodic delight I experienced when I found my very own radio star in waiting, the one and only Mr. Q. His voice is like pure baritone honey that warmly drips down the back of your throat when mixed with tea on a cold, cold day. Vocal cord nirvana, I know, right?!? I may be the only gal who prefers recordings of her man butchering the English language (par-ti-cu-lar-ly) to a pocketful of posies. :kiss1: Anyhow, I digress. Mr. Q for his part has a Superman size hankering for the heyday of radio lingering in his past as well, having listened to – I’m sure – every one of Art Bell’s late night shows at least enough times to know what Egyptology can teach us about the melting glaciers in Antarctica and how that relates to modern alien spacecraft.

And so Mr. Q and I take our mutual mavenosity and do what any couple over 30 with wits to burn, no Westie and too much time on their hands because they don’t have a yard to mow do…we parlay it into a hobby. I give you “The Trix and Josh Show” brought to you via Podcasting, the ham radio of the new millenium. Don’t ask me to explain all the techie ins and outs of this process. All I know is that it involves alot of cables, virtual and real and a whole lot of big packages. The important part is that it results in hilarious on-air segments that we will be bringing to you periodically through the TLRG website. Podcasting is a forum whose time has come. Where else can you hear about the origins of the Guberburger, dream interpretations of attacking Dobermans and the consequence of exploding carrot curry soup all in one tidy 40-minute segment? Be sure to tune into our inaugural effort and remember, as Marconi and Venus Williams did, we’ll improve with practice. :cheer: Turn us on today!