Tanning Your Hyde

Today’s topic is leather….premium, supple, soft as an infants’ bum cow hyde…with premium closures!:cheer: Growing up in a fam of handy hands, I became accustomarily giddy at the smell of wood glue, sawdust, kitchen formica and leather goods being created in the science lab otherwise known as our garage.

So imagine my unbridled joy to encouter real live cowboy craftsman, Shawn Bettinger, at the world famous Pike Place Market in the Land of Mt. St. Helens. His tent o’ goodies was filled to the ranchhand hat brim full of eye-popping leather items, from mailbags to a new cow hyde condo for your laptop. Ow-EEE, I was in salivary hog heaven!

The Stickman, as Shawn calls himself, creates his master works with only the finest raw materials including the infatiguable leather used on horse saddles that can take a John Wayne masochists amount of sweat, scratches and unneccesary roughness.

My fingers have touched many a fancy designer bag and the Stickman’s stash outshines and will inevitably outlast them all…and can be purchased on a cowpolk’s budget! Run, don’t walk. To Coach or not to Coach is NOT the question.:pigtails:

Birthday, anniversary, or Trick or Treat Me Day coming up? Screw up so irrevocably that an FTD daisy bouquet just won’t save your hyde? Then don’t pass up the opportunity to have one of these Stickman beauts for yourself or to surpise that pouty loved one. It’s sure to turn that frown upsidedown and leave you without a tinge of buyer’s remorse. I’ve been smiley for weeks! Seek out Shawn and his leather lair at http://www.stickmanleather.com.

In Leather and Lace We Trust,
That Little Red-Headed Girl:redhead:

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