London Calling

Classic literature sings the boho rapture of the City of Light’s left bank, but for me the real gem of the Continent is London’s jolly ol’ South Bank. Brimming with the newness of Prius car seats, this hip little slice of heaven has it all! An unparelled 360 degree riverside view of buildings both ancient and modern, the Millennium footbridge, the tastiest Starbucks on the planet, the pulsating Design Museum and of course, an Atlas Shrugged-esque power station cum picture gallery otherwise known as the Tate Modern. Nowhere can the throbbing vitality of Queen E’s town be felt more. I discovered that London holds many a treasure, too vast to give full narrative life to here. So instead, a shorthand list of my highlights and favy-faves which doubles as a shout-out to all those readers who’ve been praying for my blog brevity in this the new year.

London to me is: Hyde Park at sunset with horses a prancin’, Cleopatra’s towering obelisk, Parliament’s no bigger than a washcloset bookstore, the bargain basement pashmina stands of Portobello Row, the copious 3X war armors of Henry VIII, beans for breakfast and hard cider for lunch, Dicken’s perch, the rice-laden coleslaw of Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, Liberty…Liberty…Liberty…the world’s best department store, the Christmas lights of Carnaby Street, in-hotel radiator heat, sumptuous castles and tapestries a’ plenty, Evensong at Westminster, the ominous Tower of London moat (dry as it may now be), Wellington’s statue, the awe-inspiring ornamentation of Big Ben, the calming rush of the river Thames, beautiful tree trunks the size of a post On the Waterfront Brando, William the Conqueror’s many feats of fiefdom architecture, Cadbury in-tube station treats, towering cathedrals older than ER I AND more beautiful than Jemima Khan, strolling amongst the falling leaves arm in arm with my loving guide and spying the Eye a’ twinkle in the brisk night air.

These are the visions I shall hold fast to in my heart and mind…until and only until British Airways runs a special and I can hop across the pond once more. Perhaps next month? Send a lass to Windsor Castle summer camp anyone? Continuing education in the form of Tate Modern photog classes? A girl must hold fast to her bread pudding and Parliamentary dreams…

Signed Wistful for a Spot of Afternoon Tea,:pigtails:

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