Coming Home: Ode to the Birthday Boy

We all fantasize about our dream house. For most, it is brand-spanking new in a quiet suburban enclave, fitted with an austentacious three-car garage (Porsche in tow) and a bubble-filled bath-tub jacuzzi that you and your honey use EVERY night. Hey, this is your fantasy!:twisted: Mine on the other hand, looks something like George Bailey’s dusty diamond in the rough in It’s a Wonderful Life. I like dwellings with character, gnarly old vines wrapped tightly around the trellis and whose breathtaking and unparralled beauty, while not immediately obvious, shines brightly through the dust and debris left behind. Unique wisdom and interesting history are to be found everywhere within its walls (as is, unfortunately asbestos). Mainstreet USA would never be its address.

I confess to be an urbanite in a place where crab shacks would sell for more benjamins than your average five bedroom McMansion in Beaver, PA. Sadly, the only possibility I possess of purchasing real estate is on a Monopoly board. Good thing then that I’ve found a home, an intellectual and emotional harbor of sorts in the birthday boy who today celebrates his 32nd. As you party and work your big day away (be assured the naked balloon bouquet is on the way), I wanted you to know what an incredible find you are as a beau, friend and individual and how giddy I am that your mother went through tremendous pain for you to walk this earth. I am a masochist, what can I say?

You are unlike any other person, animal or alien being I have ever encountered on this Earth. Brimming with ideas and facts, passionate, sensitive, loving, dark, hunky and a master craftsman at getting me to put my nagging fears aside whatever they may be. Who else could get me in an old coal mine and “plugged” in at Christmas? And your humor…you make me giggle more than Chris Rock, Lenny Bruce and Margaret Cho combined. I do not truly care for others easily. My heart is more closely guarded than Lenin’s Tomb. But you have stealthily penetrated it, stimulated my mind and provided me with the rare feeling of having an emotional and intellectual home to come to, vines, dust, debris and weed-filled yard included. You are my monkey love partner, a worthy debate adversary and one of my very best friends. While I won’t ever be giving up my mantle of indepedent woman, be assured no matter our path together, you have changed my life and my perspective for all time, as I hope I have impacted yours. Today I celebrate you and all that you are and hope you have the most wonderful of days (2 lbs of pistachios and tasty old scotch included). :mrgreen:

An interviewer asked the late Julia Childs why it was that she cared for her husband so intensely and passionately through the years, never waning. She replied simply “I am NEVER bored with him.” My thoughts exactly! Thanks birthday boy for always being Mr. Stimulation.:smile:


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